Avtex Guided LifeSource Improve Collaboration Using Cloud Technologies

LifeSource’s team works closely with hospitals, transplant centers and grieving families to facilitate the gifts of organ and tissue donation. It begins with a call from one of their hospital partners to their Donor Services Center, where their team works with the hospital to assess patients who are at the end-of-life to see if they have the precious opportunity to be a donor. From there, the clinical team works with hospital staff to manage clinical activities, coordinate with the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and transplant centers to match the donor’s organs with waiting recipients, and arranges surgical recovery teams. The donation process is complex and can take upwards of a day or more.

7 months

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Key Benefits
– Migration to cloud improves Lifesource’s ability to utilize SharePoint

– Yammer improves collaboration between employees and departments

– Intranet site supports employees

– Streamlined management of mission critical technology platforms

This complex process requires a lot of information to be easily accessible and stored. LifeSource was using a very outdated, on premise, version of Microsoft SharePoint to host their intranet. Additionally, LifeSource is very active in the community advocating on behalf of organ and tissue donation, and the older version of SharePoint was difficult to use for collaboration and social interaction. That was a key piece that was lacking. Moving email to the Cloud provided an opportunity to also upgrade the SharePoint environment while moving it to the Cloud and increase collaboration and social interaction.

Avtex combined their vast understanding of SharePoint with a deep desire to understand LifeSource’s business and organizational needs to develop a custom solution that makes us more efficient and effective in our lifesaving work.

– Martha Flynn, Lifesource

The Challenge

LifeSource employees are geographically spread out and so there was also a real need for a more lateral communication system, not just top down. They also really needed a communication system that would provide them with more information and sooner, as well as maximize engagement with the entire team. There was also a disparity between LifeSource’s brand and the delivery of their aging intranet brand. Branding the refreshed intranet became a priority to encourage team member interaction and adoption.

Results at a Glance

“Our new, cloud-based solution is about connecting our team members and equipping them, 24/7, with the information they need to save and heal lives and inspire the people in our communities to give the gift of life.”

–Martha Flynn, IT Project Manager, Lifesource

Key Partner Technologies

The Solution

LifeSource engaged Avtex to upgrade their SharePoint environment and move it to the Cloud. They also worked with the User Experience team to continue their brand into their intranet site, creating a seamless experience for their team members.

There was heavy visioning and design on the front end in terms of gathering requirements surrounding information architecture, security and social computing. They also had a huge amount of data that needed to be migrated to the cloud – 70GB. In addition, there were a couple of depreciated features from the legacy version of SharePoint that had to be re-implemented and customized within the new version of SharePoint.

They also decided to use Yammer as their dedicated solution for enterprise social communication and collaboration to better engage a geographically dispersed team. Yammer provides a platform for engagement and connection so that team members can work together more effectively to fulfill the organization’s life-saving mission.

Avtex’s User Experience team worked closely with LifeSource to design the new intranet to be consistent with their brand and create a seamless intranet experience for users.

The Results

LifeSource has seen a significant shift in their ability to focus solely on their lifesaving work and not having to worry about managing various IT systems and applications. Moving to the Cloud has allowed LifeSource’s limited IT staff to focus on other issues now that they no longer have to manage certain hardware and software assets in-house. They also were able to increase their bandwidth support.

And with the social integration in place, they have greater opportunity to be more active on social media in getting their message out to the community.