A model of collaboration, communication and connection

Nautilus needed to get fit. As a global powerhouse in health and fitness products, Nautilus brands include Bowflex®, SchwinnFitness®, Universal®, StairMaster® and more. Nautilus was in desperate need of shedding process weight, increasing customer service reaction time, building internal coordination and continuing to flex their formidable marketplace muscle. In order to achieve those goals and beyond, Nautilus put Avtex on their team.

Information, Revelation, Coordination and Perspiration

Avtex went to work taking a deep and thorough dive into all elements surrounding Nautilus’ Contact Center. This included the people that work there, how they interacted with each other and customers, the processes they were currently working within, plus the tools and systems utilized to do their work.

Avtex listened and heard, observed and considered, searched and researched, collaborated and shared, evaluated and elevated. Through Customer Experience Optimization (CXO), specific areas of operation were made more robust, more limber, more energized, more effective, more productive, and everyone enjoyed more sleep at night. Those areas targeted were customer experience strategies, refining business process flows, establishing key metrics and pinpointing the ideal attributes of agents.

Resolutions Kept and Surpassed

It’s a rare phenomenon where lofty resolutions and great hopes are met and exceeded—at Avtex we are all about results.

The benefits of our partnership with Nautilus were many and widespread. Call Center efficiencies increased, call escalations were faster and fewer, customer satisfaction markedly improved, and internal communications were greatly streamlined. On the somewhat unexpected side was the positive boost to CSRs’ morale, attitude and their more pleasant interactions with customers. Simply put, the Call Center people were happier. A clarification of process and purpose, an upgrade in tools and a sense of being heard and respected will do good things to people. In addition, the interest and benefit in what occurred in the Contact Center spread to other Nautilus departments. Happiness grows.


The Nautilus phone system was actually systems, upon systems, upon systems…

Avtex Answers The Call

Nautilus had a problem. Avtex solved it. Nautilus’ “phone system” needed untangling, streamlining and innovating nationally, internationally and corporate-wide.

IT Phone Home

The Nautilus phone system, so to speak, was muscle-bound and incapable of flexing, stretching or reacting the way a global company must do. The list of knots in the lines included: no common corporate phone directory, no voicemail forwarding, a jumble of confusing phone prefixes, no unified training or tech support, nothing quick, nothing easy, and no fail-over plan in case of a system meltdown.

These issues wreaked havoc with customer service, overall morale and any semblance of efficiency. People were not reading from same sentence, let alone the same page. Nautilus needed to reconnect in a big, intelligent way.

All Efforts Dialed In

Avtex collaborated with Nautilus to create a clear criteria upon which implementation of a new system would be based. Elements of that criterion included: a system that was comprehensive, streamlined, simple, user-friendly and thoroughly adaptable. Plus, it would need to simultaneously track the effectiveness of multiple retail promotions/campaigns, and fully support Nautilus’ entire brand and geographic structure.

Rings True

After considerable research, interviews and testing, Avtex recommended a trusted partner that provided an all-in-one, once-and-for-all solution that was rich with features, fully flexible and customizable, and exceeded the entire proposed criterion.

New features included

  • One unified system
  • Global 4-digit internal dialing system
  • Easy, quick transfer
  • Expedited connection to appropriate customer service rep
  • 24/7 operation
  • Skills-based routing that enables marketing to adjust and react to promos/campaigns
  • Streamlined email routing and voicemail forwarding
  • Simple, smart graphic-based navigation
  • Pre-integrated call features
  • Elimination of carrier-based equipment and charges
  • Maximum use of bandwidth
  • Updates completed in hours not days
  • Supports 400+ Nautilus employees

That Was A Good Call

Avtex put Nautilus on the streamline to increased productivity, efficiency, clarity, customer satisfaction, corporate interaction, sales and the employee happiness quotient. And, they did just that.