Avtex Helped Netgain Maximize the Effectiveness of Its Contact Center Technology

As a technology company with a focus on the healthcare industry, Netgain analysts receive a fairly large volume of calls each day. These calls need to be as efficient as possible to accommodate the time sensitive nature of the healthcare industry.

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Key Benefits
– Significant increase in Client satisfaction

– Streamlined call routing reduces interaction time and aids resolution

– Improved tracking and reporting of customer tickets

– Quality assurance capabilities have improved agent efficiency

Netgain’s mission is to improve the patient experience by managing the IT operations of healthcare providers nationwide. Time is of the essence, and it is crucial issues are handled on the first call. Netgain strives to provide exceptional client service, and their legacy phone system was not meeting their high standards. Analysts found they were spending unnecessary time gathering information as to who was calling, adding precious seconds to each call.

Our client-focused goal is ‘high tech, high touch’ and our new PureConnect solution and support from Avtex helps us take even better care of our clients.

– Gail Stanger, Netgain

The Challenge

Clients calling in were frustrated they were giving their basic information each time they called and never knew which Analyst they were going to be connected to. Clients potentially spoke with a different Analyst each time they called and found themselves spending time getting the Analyst up to speed on their organization.

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Key Partner Technologies

The Solution

Netgain enlisted Avtex to install Genesys’ PureConnect platform. This platform is a single IP communications platform that is both innovative and agile. Providing multichannel access, total contact managements and quality monitoring,PureConnect’s unified application suite is an all-in-one contact center solution that makes each client’s experience an exceptional one.

Netgain added Interaction Analyzer™, part of the PureConnect all-in-one suite of products, a solution that provides intelligent real-time speech analytics for each call. Interaction Analyzer™ gave Netgain a quality assurance program, something they were lacking in the past.

PureConnect also provides the ability to screen pop internal database information to Analysts along with the call, to avoid the need for the caller to repeat basic information when transferred. Leveraging the Genesys technology and screen pops, Netgain was able to implement Client Support Teams (CSTs) to better serve their clients. Each Client is assigned to a particular CST so anytime someone called in from that organization, they were automatically routed to their assigned CST.

Netgain also created a Physicians Hotline that is specific to physicians, who have no time to trouble-shoot technical issues in their exam rooms. This hotline goes to a separate database and provides the physician access to a higher level analyst that can provide quick issue resolution. This is combining High Tech with High Touch service.

The Results

Since implementing PureConnect, Netgain has seen a significant difference in their client satisfaction. Having the CSTs implemented has resulted in much happier Clients, in that each time they call in they are always routed to the same team, subsequently building relationships.

The screen pops have saved significant time on each call, at least 60 to 90 seconds, as the agent no longer needs to gather basic information; it all pops up on their screen as soon as they take the call. When a call is routed to an analyst, they see all relevant information immediately.

Netgain’s Support Desk uses a ticketing system where each call is assigned a ticket number. If the client later calls in with a question regarding that particular ticket, they can provide the ticket number and will be routed directly to the analyst working on that ticket.

They did not have any kind of quality assurance program in the past, but by adding Interaction Analyzer™ they have been able to create a list of key phrases that alert a duty manager as to how the call is going and if they need to step in and assist in handling the call. The Analyzer also provides the manager with details of the call when praise is due. Interaction Analyzer™ improves the efficiency and effectiveness of calls. Reviewing calls with their Analysts have enhanced service levels.

Using PureConnect, Netgain is able to take a highly personalized and customized approach to customer care. By creating customized Client Support Teams, implementing Interaction Analyzer™ and utilizing screen pops, they can anticipate and in turn, exceed, Client expectations.