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Introducing Avtex Silver Lining Services for the Cloud

Avtex Silver Lining

Silver Lining Planning Services

The Cloud and Office 365
Avtex Silver Lining Planning Services is at the core of our cloud solutions and allows your organization to fully understand the Microsoft Office 365 or CRM Online offering, including the potential benefits of migrating, and the hurdles that may exist. We will assess your readiness by reviewing your current network, Active Directory, workstations, email systems, collaboration tools, application environment and include a basic Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment (TCO/ROI) analysis.

Silver Lining Identity Services

Identity Federation
Working with users and groups within a Microsoft Office 365 or CRM Online environment takes some work and familiarization. Activating your users’ services will require populating your users in these environments. If you already have an Active Directory environment, your best bet may be deploying Directory Synchronization (DirSync) to establish a relationship between your local Active Directory and the Microsoft Office 365 or CRM Online cloud. You can continue using your existing Active Directory infrastructure and all the Active Directory management tools.

Silver Lining Migration Services

Migration & Coexistence
While there are numerous ways to migrate users’ content we prefer using Hybrid (Rich Coexistence) for nearly every situation when possible. This allows multiple scenarios and affords your organization a number of benefits. For example, some Healthcare organizations will keep their administrators on premise while moving their providers (nurses and physicians) to the cloud, or a trucking logistics firm may keep their corporate employees on premise while moving truck drivers to the cloud.

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Why Choose Avtex for Customer Intelligence Solutions?

Avtex offers comprehensive CRM assessment services designed to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your CRM, your training policies and your internal business processes. By offering objective insight into your CRM solution, we guide you toward improved customer satisfaction and employee happiness.

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A seamless Cloud situation for improved operations, efficient IT solutions, and reliable support.

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