Elle Knowledge Explorer™

(patent pending)

Elle is an interactive knowledge explorer designed to enable the sales team to search, explore and discover the solutions and assets often hidden in an organization.

In virtually every organization the fundamental questions rooted in Who, What, Why, Where, When and How should be easy to answer but are often difficult. Organizational knowledge is comprised of many sources including documents, data, services and most importantly people. Elle is the engine that bridges the gap between these disparate sources of information to allow users to search, explore, discover, connect and consume organizational knowledge ... to essentially connect the dots.


Elle helps you answer questions such as “have we ever done a project like...?” or “who is one of our best resources for ...?” by linking data to documents to people.  Elle provides a natural, intuitive interface and flexible framework that can be configured for your unique business needs.

Elle is not intended to disrupt the organizational information technology infrastructure but rather allows you to connect disparate data sources and provide a clear picture of the relationships between those elements.

Key Benefits of Elle

  • Improve organizational effectiveness
  • Reduce duplication of effort
  • Improve the time searching for experts
  • Reduce inefficiency and time wasted searching for the right piece of information
  • Leverage current systems and processes
  • Discover hidden connections between data 

Key Industries

Elle is well suited for a number of industries including:

  • Professional Services
  • Project based organizations
  • Product companies

Interested in Elle?

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According to IDC

76% of executives considered information to be “mission critical” and their company’s most important asset.

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