Automated Reporting Made Easy

Avtex RoboReports™ is a simple to use report schedule that allow users to create reports that deliver Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) reports to email address, a file share, or a printer on a regular basis. Reports can be scheduled to run only between hours of the day and for certain days of the week.

Key Features of Avtex RoboReports

  • Easy-to-use, wizard driven interface
  • Select how often the report runs and what dates and times to include
  • Built-in user security
  • Multiple CIC server support
  • Presets make creating new reports even easier
  • Compatible with all CIC 2.4, 3.0, and 4.0 historical reports and custom reports
  • Requires no additional hardware
  • Select when a report will run with greater precision
  • Sample run times will guide you in choosing the proper frequency.
  • Support holidays
  • Reports can be saved/sent in eight file formats
  • Setup delivery to email addresses, file shares, printer, and via fax 

Interested in RoboReports? 

Would you like to see a demo of how RoboReports extends the capabilities of the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center (CIC) platform?  Contact us to schedule a demo.

Designed for CIC



The Avtex RoboReports solution was designed and developed by Avtex engineers to work with the CIC platform from Interactive Intelligence.

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