Avtex Speech Enabled Company Directory

Avtex’s Speech Enabled Company Directory provides an easy way for people to reach contacts within a company, without having to use cumbersome DTMF menus. Instead of using a phone’s keypad to enter the characters of your party’s last name, which is an impossibility for large companies, a caller may simply say their contact’s full name and be transferred directly to them.

Components of Speech Enabled Company Directory

The Speech Enabled Company Directory platform has several components that may be slightly customized for each deployment due to the unique nature of every organization.

Data Source - Contains information about your company’s employees and departments. Data sources vary from company to company and may include views into Human Resource databases (SQL Server or Oracle), Active Directory, or a combination of the two. Specific schemas are strongly recommended by Avtex.

Handlers - Proprietary programs that run on your CIC or Communité server. Handlers “handle” the logic of Company Directory program, integrate with Nuance, query data sources, and generate grammars.

Grammars - Grammars containing your employee names and department names will be automatically generated by handlers.

Prompts - Prerecorded wave files that help the caller navigate the company directory. Every company will want to record their own version of the Company Directory prompts to put their own brand on the platform. Avtex provides a recommended script for the prompts.

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Designed for CIC



The Avtex Speech Enabled Directory solution was designed and developed by Avtex engineers to work with the CIC platform from Interactive Intelligence.

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