Avtex TimeSweeper™

TimeSweeper™ is a custom Unified Communications solution that integrates with your systems to automatically track your time as you go about your day.

Ever wonder what happened to your day? You worked ten hours, but only have six entered in your billing system. Where did the time really go?

With one click, TimeSweeper™ will produce exactly what client facing issues you handled and show you how you actually spent your day.

Interruptions are normal – phone calls, e-mails, appointments and instant messages all happening constantly throughout the day. But interruptions take time, and your time is valuable; did you capture and bill for all these activities?

By combining the power of Microsoft Unified Communications with your existing time and billing software, TimeSweeper from Avtex can help billable professionals produce more accurate journal time spent on communications activities.

Time Tracking  


  • Email
  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Appointments
  • Custom

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Powered by Lync

TimeSweeper™ from Avtex is powered by Microsoft Lync

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