SharePoint: A Strategic Platform

SharePoint has become and industry leading technology for portals, collaboration and more.  SharePoint includes many of the capabilities offered by competitive point solutions but offers them as a single platform.

Key SharePoint Capabilities


SharePoint 2010 Sites allows an organization to manage all of their web properties, internal and external via a single platform.

  • Intranets
  • Extranets
  • Internet websites 


SharePoint has a long history of strong collaboration capabilities.  With SharePoint 2010 organizations can easily take advantage of the collaboration tools to create communities to support a variety of scenarios.

  • Teams
  • Projects
  • Social


SharePoint 2010 is a robust content management platform allowing organizations to manage different types of content leveraging key features such as metadata, retention policies, version control, and publishing.

  • Documents
  • Records
  • Digital Asset
  • Web Content


SharePoint 2010 provides a framework to create composite solutions that bridge systems to allow for integration into other platforms. Composite solutions allow organizations to deliver solutions around a single context such as customer, project, or product.

  • Customers
  • Projects
  • Products


SharePoint 2010 includes a visually rich business intelligence framework enabling organizations to create easy to use dashboards to gain insight into the organization. With SharePoint 2010, an organization can integrate with existing data sources to create solutions of the following types.

  • Performance Management
  • Reporting
  • Data Analysis


SharePoint 2010 has a built-in search engine that allows users to search through content stored in SharePoint and content stored in other sources such as databases. Search allows organizations to quickly surface "hidden" information and to better connect to experts in the organization.

  • Documents
  • Data
  • People
  • Expertise

Avtex SharePoint Consultants

At Avtex we have one of the leading groups of SharePoint consultants in the US.  A strong team of certified consultants that have been working with SharePoint since the very first version in 2001.

  • SharePoint developers
  • SharePoint IT Professionals
  • SharePoint User Experience designers
  • Microsoft Certified Consultants
  • Years of experience
  • Over 300 solutions designed and deployed
  • Worked with SharePoint since 2001
  • Committed to the community

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Solution Story: getSTEM of Minnesota

getSTEM of Minnesota ( is an effort that was developed through a partnership between the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) and the Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) to improve the interaction between the business community and educators to further the advancement of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Avtex leveraged the SharePoint platform to provide the core web content management capabilities along with search, lists and document management.  The solution also integrates with Twitter by allowing users to submit requests online which automatically get posted out to Twitter.  By integrating with Twitter, requests that have been posted on getSTEM are instantly posted to all followers of getSTEM on Twitter.

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Interested in SharePoint?


Interested in learning more about about SharePoint 2010?  Contact us to schedule a 'Walk Around the SharePoint Wheel', an in-depth overview of SharePoint..  After this session you and your colleagues will have a better understanding of how SharePoint can be used to deliver business productivity solutions.

Minnesota SharePoint User Group 

The consulting team at Avtex started one of the first SharePoint user groups in the world in May of 2004.  The group has had over 2,500 attendees since 2004 and is still going strong every month.  

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Interaction Portal ®

Interaction Portal ® from Avtex is a SharePoint based product that brings together information from a variety of sources including databases, documents, web services and more.  The solution is designed as a 'one stop shop' composite application to surface information to users in an easy to use way.

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