Microsoft Silverlight builds on .NET and provides a strong visual framework for creating interactive data rich applications. At Avtex we use Silverlight to develop web and mobile applications that require a strong visual experience. 

Key Capabilities of Silverlight

  • Rich interactive applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Rich data visualization

Solution Story: Elle - An Interactive Knowledge Explorer

One of the custom applications we have developed at Avtex is called Elle, an interactive Knowledge Explorer designed to visually display relationships between information and to allow users to quickly find relevant documents.  The solution involved using Silverlight to create a visually rich experience along with .NET to integrate to SharePoint and Dynamics CRM.

Interested in Silverlight?

Contact us to learn more about Silverlight and how it can be used to create rich user experiences.


Silverlight for WP7

Avtex leveraged Silverlight to develop one of the first Windows Phone 7 business applications designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

Click here to download via the Zune software (note: This link does require the Zune software to be loaded on your computer)

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