Windows Phone 7: A Rich Mobile Platform

Windows Phone 7 is the mobile platform from Microsoft that leverages Silverlight for application development. Avtex has been working on creating new applications that leverage the platform and integrate with other capabilities such as Dynamics CRM and SharePoint.

Key Features of Windows Phone 7

  • Familiar Silverlight Development
  • Data connectivity
  • Integrated maps
  • Integration with Office platform
  • Integrated social environment

Avtex Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Application

CRM Dialer for Dynamics CRM™

Avtex published one of the first business applications into the Windows Phone marketplace in early 2011.  The Avtex Innovation Team was able to leverage core skills in Silverlight and .NET to rapidly develop the solution. 

Designed for on-premise installations as well as Dynamics CRM Online, the CRM Dialer for WP7 allows a user to log in from their Windows Phone 7 device, search a list of their contacts, accounts and opportunities and place a call. When a call is placed the user is automatically asked if they would like to assign an activity to the contact/account. [This application is now available through the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace]

  • Search Dynamics Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities
  • Call Dynamics CRM Contacts
  • Track call as Activity back in Dynamics CRM
  • Works with on-premises or Dynamics CRM Online


Interested in Windows Phone 7?

If you want to learn more about the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform, contact us to setup a demonstration.

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