"The consulting services from Avtex significantly helped our organization to deliver a better experience to our customers and partners by leveraging technology. "

- Community Reinvestment Fund (CRF USA)

Behind every successful organization is a solid strategy and plan

The strategic consulting services at Avtex are designed to help organizations align their business goals and strategies to technology strategy. Many of our customers are looking to differentiate from their competition by delivering unique and engaging experiences with the help of technology. The Avtex team of strategic consultants has over 50 years of experience guiding organizations on aligning business goals to technology.

“V”CIO (Virtual CIO)

The Avtex virtual CIO service offering is well suited for organizations looking for temporary, or part-time permanent (i.e. Rent a CIO!), IT leadership. Many organizations desire the experience and leadership of a tenured IT resource but don’t have the resources or operational complexity to justify a fulltime resource. Past clients have also used the vCIO offering to bridge the operational gap between an outgoing IT leader and the search for a replacement. Don’t make a time constrained IT leader hiring decision when the Avtex Strategic Consulting team can fill the gap!

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Do you find yourself looking at current business processes and asking “…there must be a more effective and efficient way to do this!” Has your organization attempted to fix internal business process issues only to be disappointed with mediocre results? Avtex has found that organizations that attempt to fix internal business process concerns are not able to separate from historic practices, are not aware of leading edge solutions, and tend to rely on current people, philosophies, and technologies, which result in minimal improvement. Other organizations have the skillset in-house but don’t have the time or a proven analytical framework to efficiently facilitate the process. The Avtex Strategic Consulting team has over 30 years of combined experience in analyzing business process and aligning technical solutions to improve our client’s operation.

Software Selection Analysis

Making a significant software purchase can be a game changing decision. Most individuals assigned to a software selection project have no experience and have no idea where to begin. The Avtex Strategic Consulting team has successfully leveraged their Software Selection process to identify, document, and prioritize business requirements, search for software options, interview software vendors, and assist our clients with selecting a vendor. The “buy vs. build” question may also surface along the way. Since Avtex has a long history of custom developed software solutions we’re well positioned to assist our clients with reaching a logical conclusion.

The Avtex Team

The Avtex team of strategic consultants have over 50 years of experience guiding organizations on aligning business goals to technology. The mission of the team is to guide clients in the development and implementation of an IT strategy that optimizes their customer experience goals across multiple communication channels.

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Customers have more power today than ever before. They have tremendous influence and reach through social media, more options and choices of whom to buy from, and high expectations about customer service. Instead of hunkering down and wishing this trend would go away, or trying to change but with a penny-pinching eye on costs only, enterprises must embrace this new reality.


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