Connecting people and systems to improve interactions

Process improvement is a common thread in many of the solutions we design and build for our customers to improve overall business productivity.  Avtex has implemented process improvement solutions in virtually every industry with a strong focus on integrating technologies that not only address automation and efficiency but also communication.

Business Process Solutions


Workflow plays a critical role in automating business processes.  Through workflow, solutions can be developed that allow tasks to be automatically assigned to individuals in the organization while also linking disparate systems.

Electronic Forms (eForms)

Forms are part of many business processes in todays organizations.  Using an electronic form (eForm) drives consistent data capture while also providing a rich user experience.  When coupled with workflow, the electronic form is a critical component when automating a business process.

Communications Enabled Business Processes (CEBP)

Extending a business process with Unified Communications (UC) turns a static workflow into a dynamic workflow where users can connect with other individuals in the organization during the process itself to make real-time decisions.

Solution Story: Jeffrey Slocum and Associates

Jeffrey Slocum & Associates (JSA) provides independent investment research, advice and analysis to their clients.  Documents play a huge role in the services they provide to their customers.  The creation of the documents and the management of that process was a critical area for JSA as they were looking to become more efficient.  Avtex automated the process with SharePoint workflow and InfoPath forms.

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Key Technologies

SharePoint provides powerful built-in workflow and eForm capabilities designed specifically for automating business processes. SharePoint includes a number of workflow templates for common business process along with the ability to create custom workflow solutions.

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Lync enables real-time collaboration through instant messaging, desktop sharing, and more.  Lync supports business process automation by allowing individuals to connect in real-time during a business process, significantly cutting down the time of the overall process.

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Key Partnership

Nintex extends the workflow capabilities of SharePoint and allows users to create drag and drop workflows to automate business processes.

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Why Avtex for Business Process Solutions?

Avtex has extensive experience automating business processes for organizations that range from departmental solutions to enterprise wide.  Our team not only understands how to technically implement a process using contemporary technologies, but also how to analyze a process looking for areas for optimization.


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