Unified Communications - Connecting your organization one interaction at a time

UC solves critical business problems by providing collaboration tools that allow individuals and groups to connect in real time. UC enables real‐time collaboration through a variety of channels including instant messaging, video, and phone while also serving as a powerful integration platform to extend existing business processes with integrated communications. Avtex offers UC solutions vital for business communication and collaboration, including instant messaging and presence, video conferencing, enterprise communications, communications enabled business process (CEBP), and IP telephony.

Lync-Skype connectivity gives Microsoft Lync users the ability to communicate with hundreds of millions of Skype users worldwide. This enables Lync customers to take advantage of the global reach of Skype to connect with suppliers, customers, and partners—while still relying on the enterprise richness of Lync.

Key Features:

  • IM and Presence
  • Video Conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing

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Why Choose Avtex for Business Productivity?

Businesses with highly productive employees are able to execute on goals that are aligned with the organization's strategic objectives. Avtex is a leader in business productivity and technology integration. Our experts are thought leaders and have helped many companies become more productive and efficient.