The Forecast: Cloudy

In a relatively short period of time, the cloud has become a term that virtually all organizations are using to describe solutions that can be purchased via subscription and are hosted externally.

The Impact of Cloud Based Solutions

  • Consistent monthly costs
  • Reduced infrastructure maintenance needs
  • Automatic updates
  • Rapid implementation

Solution Story: 3M

3M leveraged Microsoft Azure to build a solution that was designed to truly take advantage of the scaling power of the cloud.  

The Visual Attention Service  was designed as a complete cloud solution leveraging Azure to allow users to upload images to be processed online.  The scaling power of Azure allows the application to handle bursts of usage as necessary.

To see the application in action, click here.

Key Cloud Technologies

Microsoft recently launched Office 365, a cloud platform for business productivity that includes SharePoint, Exchange and Lync.

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Microsoft's Dynamics CRM Online platform is a cloud platform for managing the key components of CRM including Sales, Marketing and Service.

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Azure is a cloud environment for custom applications that does not require server infrastructure to be physically located at your organization.

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The Communications as a Service (Caas) platform from Interactive Intelligence allows organizations to leverage the power of the Contact Center in the Cloud

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Why Avtex for Cloud Solutions?


Avtex is one of the few providers with experience in virtually all of the Microsoft cloud platforms.


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