Workforce Management Software

Interaction Optimizer: All-in-one workforce management software for your Contact Center

Scheduling agents in a contact center can be a full-time balancing act, especially when shift schedules must account for multiple interaction types, agent skill sets and the typical peaks and valleys in customer volume. Interaction Optimizer is a workforce management software application to optimize effectiveness and achieve service goals in multi-channel contact centers from 25 agents to thousands.

Key Capabilities of Interaction Optimizer

  • Forecasting
  • Scheduling
  • Intraday Monitoring and Reforecasting
  • Real-Time adherence

Key Benefits of Interaction Optimizer

  • Improve agent effectiveness and satisfaction
  • Generate more accurate forecasts via historical ACD data
  • Enhance scheduling and adherence by weighing agents’ time-off requests, preferences and schedule changes
  • Proactively monitor agent activity, adherence and operations in real-time
  • Fully integrate to CIC to centralize administration

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