Content is a Loaded Word

It can mean a lot of different things to different people.  In the business productivity landscape, content management often refers to managing documents, records and web content.  Many of the portal and collaboration solutions leverage content management capabilities to allow users to be self-sufficient without having to rely on IT but also have more control over their content.

Content Management Solutions

Document Management

Document management solutions provide a framework of capabilities including document versioning, metadata, and document level security.  As more and more organizations are looking to move beyond the capabilities of their network file share, leveraging the rigor of a document management solution allows an organization to be more efficient and accurate when managing documents.

Records Management

Record management solutions address many of the critical needs that organizations face for document retention and classification.  Whether for compliance or simply for consistency, records management solutions provide a level of consistency for documents that truly need to be treated as records.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management solutions bring together multiple types of information including data, documents and experts into a single solution that allows users to interact with the information and easily connect with experts on a particular topic.

Avtex has developed a Knowledge Management visualization tool, Elle, to visualize the unique relationships between various sources of information in your organization.  

Web Content Management

Self-service web content management solutions allow end users such as marketing to manage web pages on either an internal or external website.  Leveraging capabilities such as templates, workflow and scheduling give end users the freedom to publish web pages without having to rely on the IT department.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Digital Asset Management solutions allow organizations to manage their digital inventory of media including images, video, audio and more.  DAM solutions include the core capabilities of document management solutions such as workflow and security, and build on them to include specific features that align to media file types. 

Solution Story: Piper Jaffray

Piper Jaffray needed a better way to enable collaboration, document management, and enterprise search among thousands of documents and 28 offices worldwide.  

SharePoint has improved communication and collaboration leading to an increase in productivity.


Why Avtex for Content Management Solutions?


Avtex is certified in Microsoft content management solutions using SharePoint.  Our team also has deep experience integrating with backend systems to improve the interaction end users have with a content management solution.

Key Technology

Since its beginning, SharePoint has included core document management capabilities.  Through its evolution, SharePoint has added capabilities for web, record and digital asset management.  Each of these components leverages the core framework of content management that includes metadata, versioning, security, workflow and more. 

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