When you need more than 'Out of the Box'

When there just isn’t any packaged technology solution off the shelf that addresses a particular business problem, custom applications are an ideal solution.  Whether web, cloud, mobile or desktop, custom applications provide the highest degree of flexibility and control to be tailored to address the business problem.

Custom Application Solutions


Custom web applications integrated into core business applications and external web services


Mobile solutions allowing users to access information, execute business processes, and communicate and collaborate.


Rich desktop experience with full integration into business systems and web servcies


Leveraging the flexibility of the cloud to scale, reduce risk and manage cost.


Natural User Interface (NUI) applications rely on methods of interaction including speech, touch and gesture.


Connecting multiple systems together to create powerful solutions

Solution Story: Creating an Interactive Knowledge Explorer

One of the custom applications we have developed at Avtex is called Elle, an interactive Knowledge Explorer designed to visually display relationships between information and to allow users to quickly find relevant documents.  The solution involved using Silverlight to create a visually rich experience along with .NET to integrate to SharePoint and Dynamics CRM.

  • Silverlight
  • .NET
  • SharePoint
  • Dynamics CRM


Key Technologies for Custom Applications


Microsoft's .NET is key tool for custom development at Avtex. With .NET our team of engineers can develop virtually anything whether it be in the cloud, on your phone or your desktop.

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  • Core Development
  • Custom
  • Integration

Windows Azure

Microsoft's Azure is a cloud environment that allows custom developed applications to be deployed without requiring server infrastructure to be physically located at your organization.

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  • Cloud
  • Scalable
  • Flexible


Microsoft Silverlight builds on .NET and provides a strong visual framework for creating interactive data rich applications. At Avtex we use Silverlight to develop web and mobile applications that require a strong visual experience.

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  • Rich Experience
  • Web
  • Mobile


The Kinect platform allows for the development of natural user interface (NUI) solutions relying on gesture and speech providing a contemporary user experience for end users.

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  • NUI
  • Gesture
  • Speech

Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is the mobile platform from Microsoft that leverages Silverlight for application development. Avtex has been working on creating new applications that leverage the platform and integrate with other capabilities.

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  • Mobile
  • Silverlight
  • Integration


Why Avtex for Custom Application Solutions?

The team at Avtex has years of experience gathering requirements and designing and developing a solution to meet the exact needs of our clients.  Our team has worked in virtually every industry across all application types including web, desktop, mobile and cloud.

Kinect Apps in Action

Check out the recent post about this project on Channel 9.

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