Customer Experience Consulting

Avtex will help you achieve your goal of becoming a company that is easier to do business with the unique Avtex 360 approach:

  • Identify and recommend solutions to address your most complex customer challenges and opportunities
  • Designing innovative approaches to your most pressing needs – people, process or technology, using the power of our combined expertise
  • Make marked improvements in overall satisfaction and help you become an organization that is easier to do business with

We'll help you find the right solution

  • CXO (Customer Experience Optimization): An independent consulting engagement from Avtex evaluates your current process. Providing best practices for customer experience, your corporate CX strategy will align with your business requirements to people, process and tools.
  • Experience the Experience: Understanding your customer touch points will give a better idea of what customers experience when doing business with you. This analysis will help guide the overall engagement and determine what improvements are necessary.
  • The Colleague Experience: The Colleague Experience is a strategic look inside your company. Avtex will provide an assessment that focuses on people, process, and tools.

It's the Age of the Customer, What Does this Mean for Your Business?

Your customers make a choice every time they do business. Depending on the experience they have, they will become a loyal customer or take their business to the competition. There is great potential for you as a company to benefit when providing the best possible experience to your customers. From inside your company to every interaction after, having a customer experience strategy in place will make your business stand out from the competition.

More Points of Customer Interaction

With recent trends in digital marketing, social media and mobility, there are more points of customer interaction than there have ever been in the past. With more points of customer interaction, customers have an increased number of channels for which consumers and companies can communicate. This is both necessary and an opportunity for your company to excel.

A customer experience strategy is crucial to your overall strategy because:

  • 40% of customers began purchasing from a competitive brand because of its reputation for great customer service (Forrester)
  • 70% of customers would be more loyal to a business following a positive customer experience (NewVoiceMedia)
  • 80% of firms would like to use customer experience as a form of differentiation (Forrester)
  • 75% of all company interactions with its customers are through customer service (Gartner)

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"The solution Avtex provided gave us the ability to continually measure the customer service experience and gives us the needed insight into all areas of our business that can be adjusted for customer experience improvement."

Mike Cleary, Director, IT Architecture & Operations, Red Wing Shoe Company

Featured Case Study

A commitment to world-class consumer and customer experience.

Read how Avtex helped Red Wing Shoes with their "Customer WOW!" initiative to help increasing value to customers through a commitment to a world-class consumer and customer experience in order to grow revenue, earnings and long-term shareholder value.


Why Choose Avtex for Customer Experience?

Avtex Customer Experience Experts

Great customer experience starts with a strategy. We believe that customer-obsessed companies are charting the path for the new age of the customer. Avtex is uniquely positioned to help you realize your customer experience initiatives. Not only can we help analyze and develop the strategy, but we have the technical know-how to integrate every point of interaction for a flawless omni-channel experience for your customers.