Data, Data, Data

Virtually every application today creates or uses data in some way.  More and more organizations are looking for ways to better analyze the data they have or to integrate applications together to improve the experience of the their users.

Key Data Solution Types

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions focus on improving the analysis and reporting of key information in an organization.  In order to achieve these goals, BI solutions often require integration and aggregation of data from multiple systems into a data warehouse. 

Data Integration

In many organizations today the term silo is used to describe disparate data sources that aren't integrated and often lead to incomplete reporting.  Data integration solutions focus on bridging the gap between systems through integration to reduce the silo effect.


Reporting is one of the most common challenges facing organizations today.  Virtually every organization knows the pain of trying to view information that is locked up in backend systems.  Avtex has years of experience using tools such as SQL Reporting Services from Microsoft to deliver custom reporting from SQL databases.

Location Services / GIS

Leveraging geographical information systems (GIS) provides a powerful way to visualize information along with providing powerful integration capabilities.  Integrating with location services and GIS environments can be a powerful way to visualize information that is geographically centric. 

Avtex Solution Story


Re-Lytics is a leasing solution designed for the Commercial Real Estate industry to help shopping center owners develop clear insights into the markets they serve and then leverage these insights to engage prospects.  The core of the application is data combined with ESRI mapping capabilities to allow users to interact with large volumes of information in an easy to use map interface.


Key Technologies for Data Solutions


SharePoint provides rich Business Intelligence capabilities through its dashboarding, performance management and reporting capabilities.

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SQL Server

SQL Server provides the critical capabilities for managing, aggregating and reporting on data. Through Analysis Services and Integration Services, systems can be brought together to create a centralized data warehouse improving report accuracy and timeliness. 

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Why Avtex for Data Solutions?

At Avtex we have a dedicated team of engineers who specialize in data centric solutions with a focus on Business Intelligence.  Our team has years of experience working with large organizations and extremely large volumes of data to improve the analysis, reporting and management of their data.

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Elle Knowledge Explorer


Avtex has developed a knowledge management and data visualization tool, Elle, to visualize the unique relationships between various sources of information in your organization.  

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