The Foundation of all Interaction Solutions

Infrastructure, Network and Storage solutions are the backbone to every organization and address a lot of core needs across many organizations.  They provide the critical foundation for optimized interactions throughout the organization.

Key Benefits

  • Optimizing for speed
  • Reducing risk
  • Scalability
  • Compliance
  • Security

Key Networking and Infrastructure Solutions


As organizations grow so does their data.  Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions are designed to allow an organization to easily expand their storage capabilities as their needs change.  An e asy-to-manage SAN solution can save you significant cost, time and frustration as a complete data storage, security and recovery solution for optimal resiliency.

Business Continuity

Disaster recovery solutions are designed to keep your business going during a time of crisis whether that be from a natural disaster or something else.  

Network Optimization

Any project that adds more traffic to your network requires that network to be rock solid.  Network optimization solutions focus on making sure the core network that all of your data, video and voice traffic travels on is optimized for today and tomorrow.


Do more with less. Virtualization technology has grown from providing test environments with minimal hardware to powering everyday applications and services. Virtualization is not only about improving our use of available resources, it is changing the way we plan and achieve high availability by preparing in advance for rapid recovery with fewer servers at a remote location.

Infrastructure Management

Managing the infrastructure of an organization can be a full time job with many different technologies in place.  Avtex provides Managed Services to ease the challenge for small and mid size organizations who are looking for the security of working with a team of experts.

Data Center

Remote hosting capabilities for your data and applications, the Avtex data center allows your organization to implement solutions quickly in a secure environment.


Email solutions is a mission critical application that is part of the foundation of how we interact with customers, employees and partners.  A solid email infrastructure is required to ensure this critical interaction point is not a weak spot.

Solution Story: Minnesota National Bank

Minnesota National Bank is an independent, community-based bank serving their communities' complete banking needs, from savings and loan to mortgages. In order to increase security and efficiency after the bank tripled in size, Avtex deployed an Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC) application of Windows Server 2008. By using RODC, they can now centrally manage their servers with their limited IT staff. Minnesota National Bank can now continue with the same level of IT staff, while also enjoying markedly increased security.

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Key Technologies and Partnerships

Virtualization is a key component of many organizations today and Microsoft Hyper-V is the solution for managing the deployment, configuration and support of virtual machines.

Microsoft System Center is the all in one platform that allows organizations to manage physical and virtual IT environments.

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Avtex is one of DELL/Compellent’s first authorized business partners and has over 5 years of experience architecting and implementing highly scalable, virtualized storage architectures.

Avtex is an Enterprise partner with NexSan, specializing in integrating their low cost, high capacity SAN offerings.

Why Avtex for Networking and Infrastructure Solutions?

With years of experience, our team designs and implements solutions with reliability in mind.  Our team understands the options and benefits in selecting, designing and/or optimizing your core infrastructure solutions that are tightly aligned with your organization’s goals / needs. 

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