Content Management

Create a great user experience with a content management system that provides the customer with an experience tailored to their specific needs.

It can mean a lot of different things to different people. In the business productivity landscape, content management often refers to managing documents, records and web content. Many of the portal and collaboration solutions leverage content management capabilities to allow users to be self-sufficient without having to rely on IT but also have more control over their content.

Using a content management system for you web solution allows for easy publishing, editing and the modifying of content. A CMS allows for a collaborative workflow and the ability to refresh the content so it is up to date and relevant for your customers. 

By having website content that is frequently refreshed, your site content will be up to date and relevant for your customers. The Sitecore CMS solution will deliver continually optimized content for your visitors every time they visit your site. With rich analytics integrated right into the platform and ability to gain insights, you will have the tools necessary to increase conversions.

Creating Content with CMS that Works with You

CMS solution will deliver continually optimized content for your visitors every time they visit your site. 

Benefits of Using a CMS:

  • Intuitively adjust site content without coding expertise
  • Casual users can easily edit content right on the page for an accurate preview
  • Reduction in development time and administrative effort
  • Optimize content to increase conversions while easily keeping your site fresh and relevant

CMS as a Digital Asset Management Tool

Creating site content is done efficiently with a CMS. What about the management of all this content? Websites have page content, images, videos and other document types. A CMS will keep all of your assets in one place and organized so the content can be used whenever and wherever is necessary.

Management Benefits of a CMS Solution:

  • Effectively organize your content to efficiently utilize digital assets
  • Give appropriate access to content with admin and user settings
  • CMS system can integrate with your current digital asset solution

CMS and User Personas

User personas help to reach the target audience with content that is optimized just for them. Give your visitors a custom experience with this strategy. Personas are developed and used to track the habits of your site’s users and are assigned to individual pieces of content in the overall persona strategy. Once personas are assigned to content pages, behaviors patterns are tracked. Users whose behavior patterns match a certain persona will be assigned to a group with other similar users. The delivery of customized content is automated, which will give each persona the most relevant and engaging content. With this knowledge and persona based content, your are marketing to the correct group and providing the most relevant information when making their business decision.

CMS Form Solutions, Perfect for Lead Generation

When users have a chance to take action in the next step in the sales funnel, optimized forms are needed for the maximum value of your leads. Your prospects need an optimized form that makes it easy to enter information because their information is essential to to your sales teams. Creating forms in an easy to use interface does not require any special development knowledge which makes them easy for your team to create.

Improve Conversions with Forms

Create forms that target specific site visitors that encourage them into taking desired actions. Gain insight into those visitors as they move through the site. Responding quickly to these opportunities is simple by provide your sales team with accurate, up-to-date leads with form's data.

Analytics Within the CMS

With analytic tracking, it is easy to see how the forms perform and use that information to improve them. A usability summary report shows how well users are responding to a form. With that insight adjustments can easily be made because every form element is completely customizable for an improved user experience.

CMS Solutions from Avtex

Document Management

Document management solutions provide a framework of capabilities including document versioning, metadata, and document level security. As more and more organizations are looking to move beyond the capabilities of their network file share, leveraging the rigor of a document management solution allows an organization to be more efficient and accurate when managing documents.

Records Management

Record management solutions address many of the critical needs that organizations face for document retention and classification. Whether for compliance or simply for consistency, records management solutions provide a level of consistency for documents that truly need to be treated as records.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management solutions bring together multiple types of information including data, documents and experts into a single solution that allows users to interact with the information and easily connect with experts on a particular topic.

Avtex offers a number of CMS solutions that are perfect for your company's needs. Contact an Avtex expert to learn more.

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