Maximizing the effectiveness and functionality of your current CRM solution is key to providing quality Customer Experience. Unfortunately, many organizations lack the time or expertise needed to complete a detailed assessment of current-state CRM solutions. 

Avtex offers comprehensive CRM assessment services designed to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your CRM, your training policies and your internal business processes. By offering our experienced and objective insight into your CRM solution, we work to guide you toward improved efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee happiness. 

Take advantage of all that Avtex has to offer – for a limited time, any organization that signs up for a CRM assessment will receive discounts on future Avtex services. Contact us to learn more, or to schedule your CRM assessment today. 

During the CRM assessment process, our experts will review and document all aspects of your solution, including: 

· Current-state functionality: A careful examination of your current solution is key to truly understanding where you are, and where you want to go. Our experts carefully review the technical aspects of your solution to identify its strengths and potential areas of improvement.

· Upgrade readiness: With platform upgrades continually becoming available, it is important to gauge your solution’s readiness for updates. We assess all aspects of your solution to offer insight into your upgrade readiness, and any hardware and server improvements needed to prepare for new platform software.

· Ease of use: In order to be truly effective, your CRM solution must be easy for all employees to use. We work with employees across the enterprise to determine pain points and usability issues.

· Training procedures: Effective training of employees is key to the successful employment of a CRM solution. Our assessment includes a detailed exploration of training processes, policies and procedures to help you ensure that your employees are armed with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage your CRM solution to its fullest.

· Business processes: Creating consistent processes for gathering, documenting and sharing customer data across your business is important. We carefully review your strategies to help identify strengths and weaknesses in execution and education of current processes.

· Departmental integration: Ensuring that all departments across the organization have access to CRM data is beneficial for many reasons, including consistent delivery of brand messaging and customer support. Our experts review current integration functionality and processes to ensure all departments are involved in the gathering and employment of customer data.

Following the assessment, you’ll be offered a documented review of findings, allowing the results to be shared throughout your organization. You’ll also be offered advice on the best strategies for maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses within your CRM solution.

To learn more about the benefits of a comprehensive CRM assessment, or to schedule an assessment of your organization’s solution, contact us today.

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