Connecting the Organization, One Interaction at a Time

Unified Communications (UC) solves critical business problems by providing collaboration tools that allow individuals and groups to connect in real time.  UC enables real-time collaboration through a variety of channels including instant messaging, video, and phone while also serving as a powerful integration platform to extend existing business processes with integrated communications.

Unified Communications Solutions

Instant Messaging / Presence

Real-time chat based collaboration is a great time saver and a great entry point into discovering the power of Unified Communications.  Being able to quickly see if someone is online and take the appropriate action for communication can save a lot of time each day.

Video Conferencing

Integrated video solutions enable colleagues to collaborate in real-time in a peer to peer fashion or in large groups as part of a meeting.  Video is an important element of how we interact with our colleagues as more often people are not in the same physical location.

Enterprise Communications

Enterprise communications that are enabled through key tools such as intranet portals provide users with a powerful tool set to interact with colleagues.  Collaboration rises to a whole new level when connected in real-time.

Communications Enabled Business Process (CEBP)

CEBP solutions extend workflow through integrated communications allowing users to interact with colleagues in real-time during the execution of a business process.  CEBP solutions radically improve the efficiency of business processes by integrating human to human interactions as part of a process.

IP Telephony

Voice over IP (VoIP) has been a major influence in the telecommunications industry for several years. With telephony systems deployed on an IP network customers gain greater flexibility, ease of management, lowered costs and a greater competitive advantage.

Solution Story: Crew Dispatch

The Crew Dispatch solution from Avtex automates the time-consuming task of gathering response teams for emergencies, allowing organizations to profile the number and skill requirements needed, and then let the system find the people to meet the needs. Once the incident is profiled by the dispatcher or requester, potential responders receive an automated call out from the system, and are prompted to confirm their availability and, optionally, ETA for arrival.  Dispatchers have access to a real-time status of the team assembly process, as well as ad-hoc reporting and SharePoint integration options for post-incident review.


To read a case study about Crew Dispatch, click here.


Why Avtex for UC Solutions?

Avtex is a certified Microsoft specialist in Unified Communications and has a proven track record of successful UC solutions.  With a focus on not just implementation but integration, Avtex continues to demonstrate how UC can be incorporated into a variety of solutions including workflow processes, team collaboration and more.

Key Technology

Lync is a key component of Microsoft's Unified Communication toolset that enables real-time collaboration through instant messaging, desktop sharing, VoIP, and more.  

Avtex UC Products

Avtex is one of few Microsoft Unified Communication experts to leverage its expertise as the foundation for a suite of Avtex developed software applications.

UC User Group



Avtex hosts the monthly Unified Communications (UC) user group in Minnesota.  The user group serves to connect and inform individuals who are interested in better understanding UC, developing a UC strategy or deploying UC within their organization.

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