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Windows 8 RTM and CRM 2011

I just loaded my system with the RTM version of Windows 8 and had 3 specific tips to make using CRM 2011 easier on this new OS (at least while using your system in a non-touch mode). 1) Use the Internet Explorer version from your desktop instead of the Internet Explorer App.  It gives you the ability to put sites into compatibility mode, which will be covered in tip #2.   2) Make sure to put your URL for your CRM instance (* works well if you’re using CRM Online) in the list of sites to run in compatibility mode.  For the
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Dynamics CRM Anywhere

Big news released today!  In April/May 2012, Microsoft will release the next iteration of Dynamics CRM 2011 code, which they package up into functionality internally codenamed “R8”.  There are lots of great features coming that you can read all about in the new Statement of Direction.  Here are a few of my favorites: 1) New Mobile Client!  It will be called Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile and will run as a native client on all the popular mobile devices (including tablets).  It was developed by CWR Mobility, but is now a standard branded and supported Microsoft application.  Mobile workforces will love
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