Video Kiosk - Provide new ways for your customers to interact

The Avtex Video Kiosk is designed to provide new ways of customer service through video conferencing access to expert advisors and agents within the contact center or enterprise.

  • Expand operations and reduce costs by providing expert advisor services regardless of physical location
  • Utilize High Definition (HD) quality video conferencing to provide a high-touch, “as close to being there” option for customer service without the cost of travel 
  • Provide an intuitive and flexible interface for the visitor with a touch-screen, web-based interface
Avtex Video Kiosk

Using Microsoft Lync/OCS and SharePoint technologies the visitor can interact with the system in a self-service fashion or by working with a local onsite representative to help broker the call. Experts can be located/assigned by skill and the video call request placed into queue for the next available expert to handle. Integrated screen pops pass context and customer information for the expert to utilize during the call.

The Avtex Video Kiosk can be deployed in locations where it is not possible to provide an onsite expert advisor or agent (specifically in retail locations, point-of-service locations, branch offices, rural clinics, etc.) but still provide a "high touch" experience to your customers

Perfect for:

  • Government
  • Financial Services 
  • Healthcare

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