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CX Strategy

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Technology Implementation

Technology Implementation

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Technology Innovation

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Managed Services

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Eliminate the Stress of Customer Experience Technology Implementation

Implementing enterprise technology isn’t as easy as inserting a disc and clicking on install. The process takes time and effort, and a keen eye for detail. If not handled correctly, the process can derail, leading to cost overruns, organizational disruption, decreased productivity and less than optimal performance of the technology.

When implementing new software platforms into your technology ecosystem, it is important to get the job done properly, as quickly as possible and with minimal costs and disruptions.

At Avtex, we guide you through all phases in the implementation process to reduce costs, eliminate stress and optimize technology supporting:

We Help You Put CX Software Applications Into Action

Advanced planning is key to the successful implementation of new technology. We work with your team to create a roadmap that addresses all aspects of the implementation process, including roles and responsibilities, configuration requirements, success parameters and more. With this roadmap in place, managing the many details of the implementation process becomes a more scientific and simple process.

Our technology implementation team is made up of professionals with diverse skill sets, including project management, development and more. Using Agile methodologies, our team offers hands-on guidance throughout the implementation process. The Agile process allows for clear-cut deliverables, responsibilities and deadlines, all while providing the flexibility needed to address changes in project scope.

Imagine an environment in which your employees have access to all mission-critical data and systems from a single user interface. Integrating multiple applications or platforms, such as your Contact Center and CRM, into a single interface maximizes their effectiveness and streamlines employee access to key data. Our experts help you seamlessly integrate the key technologies driving your CX programs, including your Contact Center, CRM, SharePoint, customer portals and more.

Rarely does a software platform offer the exact functionality or feature set to meet every one of your organizational requirements. In most cases, some level of customization is required to support mission-critical functionality. Our development team works with you to identify areas of need and design customization strategies to address them.

It is often necessary to migrate existing data to your new software platform. Data migration can be a labor intensive and time consuming process. We help you streamline the data migration process by identifying valuable information, developing processes and executing the transfer.

Learn more about how Avtex can help with your CX technology implementation.

Overcoming Common Technology Implementation Roadblocks

In order for the technology implementation process to be truly successful, the many moving parts involved must be managed precisely. Unfortunately, unforeseen issues can dramatically impact the timeline and overall success of the implementation process. Planning for these issues in advance reduces the potential for delays and cost overruns.

Hardware and Network Upgrades

Complex software platforms have significant operating requirements. If your current hardware or network environment fails to meet these requirements, steps must be taken to rectify the issue. Hardware upgrades and replacements can eat into the implementation budget at a fast pace.

Conducting a thorough evaluation of platform requirements and your current hardware and network capabilities during the technology selection process helps to avoid surprises during implementation.

Staff Turnover

The team responsible for managing the implementation process is vital to its overall success. In a perfect world, that team would remain in place throughout the duration of the project. Unfortunately, staff turnover and shifting organizational goals have the potential to alter your team at key points in the implementation process.

Cross-training team members and maintaining project-wide awareness of roles makes it possible to smooth the transition as employees leave and join the effort.


Modern software platforms are highly configurable. This configurability offers a great deal of flexibility to end users, making it possible to customize the platform directly to the needs of end users. The flexibility comes at a price, however, as configuring a complex piece of software takes time and an advanced knowledge of the platform and the destination ecosystem.

Carefully accounting for configuration requirements and assigning talent during the planning phase will limit cost overruns and delays.

Lack of Skilled Resources

Far too often, implementation projects are derailed due to a lack of platform-centric knowledge or skills. When employee resources are limited, overcoming technological and development roadblocks is difficult.

Skilled employees with the flexibility to tackle a number of tasks during the implementation process are invaluable. Be sure to include a wide range of skill sets and personality types to drive the project forward.

Lack of Buy-In

Staff members from nearly every department will be involved or benefit from the implementation of new technology. With that in mind, it is important to ensure that all staff members are engaged in the project and are willing to offer assistance whenever and wherever possible.

Be sure to socialize the project across the organization and provide continual updates throughout the implementation process. This helps to keep all employees aware of the project and its progress.

Unclear Business Objectives

Disagreements or confusion over business objectives can cause roadblocks during the implementation process. When departments are working towards varying objectives, time and labor is often wasted.

Developing clear business objectives for the implementation and communicating them throughout the organization helps to avoid issues throughout the implementation process and helps all staff members know what to expect from the final product.

Technology Implementation services from Avtex help to reduce the potential delays and expenses of these common roadblocks and many more. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you begin garnering returns from your technology investments.

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