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CX Strategy

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Technology Implementation

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Technology Innovation

Technology Innovation

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Managed Services

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Be Bold in the Face of Unique Challenges

At Avtex, we are passionate about seeking answers to complex challenges through the creation of never-before-seen applications and technologies.

Our favorite questions start with:

  • Have you ever wondered…
  • Is it possible…
  • This may sound insane, but…
  • Do you think…
  • Wouldn’t it be great if…

For us, finding answers to these questions is a collaborative effort. This means that we work closely with your staff to develop a project roadmap that details your organizational requirements and initial development processes through to post-implementation optimization and ongoing management of the solution. As development progresses, your input and feedback is used to shape the final product, ensuring your organization the truly customized solution you deserve.

We create innovative solutions to support a wide range of efforts and technologies, including:

We Help You Solve Even the Most Complex Business Challenges

It is important to conduct a careful examination of your organization’s needs and potential solutions before taking action. Our team guides you through a careful exploration of your challenges, focusing on organizational needs, functionality requirements, the technologies currently in place, potential future needs and much more. With this information in hand, we can begin developing a comprehensive plan to resolve your current and future challenges.

Our development team loves to tackle new challenges. With diverse skill sets and experience with varying technologies, we are confident in helping you explore a wide array of development strategies. Whether your business needs help creating a mobile application to support customers, customizing an existing piece of technology, integrating multiple platforms or building an employee access portal, we can help.

It can be easy to focus on solving your organization’s current IT needs and challenges. However, when developing a custom solution, it is vital to consider future needs to avoid encountering similar challenges down the road. We take great care to help you create solutions that address your current organizational goals and remain sustainable for the long term. We factor in a wide range of considerations, including your short and long term goals, potential technological evolutions, changes in customer needs and more to create a predictive sustainability roadmap.

Not every IT challenge requires a custom application or solution — some challenges can be resolved by utilizing technologies or data you already have in place. We pride ourselves on pushing your existing technology, licenses and information library to their fullest potential.

It is important to consider the hosting requirements of any available solution or custom application. Our knowledge of hosting solutions, coupled with our boutique hosting capabilities, allows us to help you identify the best option for a single application or your entire infrastructure. We help you compare the many attributes of cloud and on-premise hosting options, including cost, implementation time, hardware requirements and more.

Let Avtex help you solve your complex CX challenges with new innovative technology.

Exploring the Potential

When attempting to resolve complex business challenges using standard technology, your team can quickly become frustrated. In some cases, overcoming the unique obstacles impeding your organization’s goals can require out-of-the-box thinking. Here are just a few real-world scenarios in which innovative thinking helped solve complex challenges.  Read more of our real world success stories here.

The Retail Giant

For large retail companies, accurately managing inventory count  in real time is challenging. Obtaining accurate data on product stock, then transferring that information to the folks responsible for purchasing and procurement is a constant hurdle. Solutions available on the market often prove too cumbersome or too expensive for deployment across hundreds.

An innovative solution to this challenge is possible, however. The creation of a custom application paired with mobile devices such as a smart phone or tablet, offer the flexibility and affordability retail organizations need to overcome this common challenge.

Our development team has created a wide range of customized solutions capable of addressing such complex business challenges.

Small Business Collaboration 

The modern small business is far more fluid and geographically diverse than those of the past. The widespread locations and responsibilities of small business employees offers greater lifestyle flexibility, but presents unique collaboration challenges.

Business owners can overcome these challenges by providing employees with robust collaboration tools, including instant messaging, digital voice and more. Owners can further encourage collaboration by offering employee access portals and employee self help resources.

While many collaboration products exist today, tailoring standard solutions and creating custom tools arms employees with more useful, more effective means of working together.

We take standard solutions and configure them to meet the specific needs of every business. Adding custom employee access portals to conventional collaboration tools gives your employees the full support they deserve.

See what we did for Red Wing Shoes

The Bank of the Future

Financial institutions face ever-changing customer expectations. As technology progresses, so too do the communications expectations of customers. Gone are the days of in-person interactions for managing bank accounts, depositing checks and more. Instead, customers now expect the ability to conduct business virtually, either from their computer, their smart phone or their tablet.

Offering virtual communication channels for customers while adhering to security and regulatory requirements poses a significant challenge for even the largest financial institutions.

Finding solutions to complex business processes within the constraints of highly regulated industries is difficult. Our team thrives on solving the complex business problems of our clients, regardless of their industry challenges.

When creative minds work together, the possibilities are endless. By pushing the boundaries of technology, we can help you address complex problems facing your business. Contact us to discuss your technology innovation needs. 

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