"It has been great to see the excitement from our employees around this effort. AvtexCares will allow our employees to find unique and meaningful ways to connect with our customers and community."

- George Demou,
President, Avtex


Through our new initiative, AvtexCares, we intend to connect our stakeholders – our employees, our customers, and our community – to each other in a way that benefits each one significantly more because of our actions.

By first focusing separately on each of these components, we can quickly identify their strengths and core competencies as well as potential gaps.  We can then concentrate our time where each component intersects the other – connecting strengths of one to the needs of the other.  The REAL impact will be recognized when we gain critical mass within Avtex's employee base AND our combined customers' employee base to help address specific needs of the community.

Avtex Cares


AvtexCares Program Overview




Focus on improving the workplace and creating sustainable community initiatives. 

  • Get engaged 
  • Be inclusive 
  • Do significant things

Provide service so great customers never want to leave. 

  • Build lasting relationships
  • Become Trusted Advisors
  • Measure our performance

Give back in meaningful ways. Help build a 'A Better Society'. 

  • Impact important social issues
  • Share our skills
  • Partner with our customers


Learn more about AvtexCares

If you are in interested in learning more about AvtexCares, please contact us.

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